The architecture of Studio79 is founded on the elements that make a project strong and interesting: the light, space and shape, the color, the relationship with the landscape.

We think the sustainability in architecture is fundamental, because there is no future without a sustainable use of space and resources.

Each project is unique and it is designed in every detail like a work of craftsmanship, with the philosophy and technique of the best made in Italy.

The heart of Studio79 design is the sustainability, the aesthetics, the innovation and, at the same time, the constant reference to the tradition of Italian design.

The product must follow the logic of the production process, the functionality and, obviously, the beauty. Moreover, the designer has to think about the impact of the object, and of its production, on the environment.

Sustainable, useful and beautiful: simply a design object of Studio79.

Ultime News

Bistrot Best on Archilovers 2017

Bistrot Best on Archilovers 2017

11/01/2018 - Bistrot has been selected as one of the Best on Archilovers 2017! It is one of the most 'loved' out of the 50,000 projects published last